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Encapsulates the Pilchers and type coverage written by Tory on May 18, 2007, to capping layers, terrys prefolds or you need a wrap, pilcher or according to what you know, like the cover! For simplicity, we will use the carriage return. The casing is what protects the content of baby's diaper with the outside world (clothing, rugs and baby!)! There are 3 main types of dandruff, PUL, wool and polar, many people use a combination of 2 or 3 types, or you can find really as a type and a stick with that. PUL encapsulates these are probably the most popular of revolutions. PUL (polyurethane laminate) is a material impervious to water but permeable to air, which is ideal for the job because it's not just your baby a hot and sweaty as the old style of plastic pants. PUL Wrap can be laminated polyester material which is generally simple color, although there are some on the market that have impressions but poli PUL. These are probably the most reliable wraps because they are less likely to cause the tip. However there are some things beautiful cotton layers PUL too, but if you have a heavy wetter they can wick. Then, there are other brands of spires PUL PUL a lining and then another top material (as opposed to laminate the PUL). There are also similar materials on the market such as Comtex. Please be aware that unfortunately still exist on the market, the layers of plastic/PVC, Yes, they are probably cheaper than a bag of PUL, but please for the love of your little bottom do not buy them! There are also combo of fleece envelope/pulse, these works like any other case of PUL, not as a solid fact fleece bag! (see below for description of the batteries). Mother-ease wrap (flow Rikki and air) are generally considered to be the most reliable PUL wrap on the market. Are available worldwide and are available in a variety of pastel colors, but also a range of ' eco-theme prints is suitable for boys or girls. The only complaint I have ever heard is that there should be a few more models available! Other brands are Imse Vimse Bummi,, BabyBeehinds, Nature Babies, Tots Bots. Fleece wraps that these wraps are made from thick layers of polyester fleece and they are water resistant rather than rainwater. This means that a small amount of moisture will be through the envelope where it then evaporates. For this reason they are not recommended for long periods where the child will be very quiet and whose pressure on the layer, i.e. a unit, because you risk wicking compression. Fleece Wrap is generally used for the night because they allow you to keep forever yours keepsake bears your child dry allowing some moisture to evaporate. These wraps work essentially the same way as wool stoles. Where they differ from the wool, is that they are not quite as permeable to air (which is a synthetic material) and need to wash after each use, but that doesn't require any maintenance when lana makes! Fleece doesn't work for everyone, so don't get discouraged if you try it and it is not for you! Tots Bots do popular funky fleece wraps with motifs and there are also packs of batteries on the market. Also called wool stole guns, wool, wool wool shorties lead lines (the latter 2 obviously depending on the length of them!). Wool is a bit of magic when used as a diaper wrap must be lanolising before use (see maintenance for more details), but allows it to breathe and a part of moisture to evaporate and the magical forest, is that the wool Neutralizes urine self-cleaning effect of the scarf! Many people use wool overnight although there are just some who love it so much that they use it full-time. If you are using the right scarf overnight, remove the morning and hang to air dry outside and, when you first take it off and you will hear a little moist (not wet) and may have a smell ยท very light when tunes diaper and wipes that smell like cheap like new and if it doesn't work, you may need to wash it. Surprisingly it will just all week, except so dirty! Wool stoles can be Velcro or popper fastening and look like any other film or can be in the form of a cute shoot upwards of shorts or long pants (shorties and lead lines!). Many people choose to make their own wool and towers there are many models on the internet, you can do well on an old Wool Sweater if you can work! These are known as tramp sweaters or jumpers Borja. Brands include BabyBeehinds, Imse Vimse, disana and there really are a lot of WAHM making guns, knitting wool as Pixie, Puddlepants and many, many others. .