Forever Yours Album

Forever Yours

Luv called my husband's first single and was released in June 1977. In the Netherlands, not so much lost top ten. Follow-up in December 1977 sleep, sleep, what does not fall on the charts. in 1978, it was more Luv. In the Netherlands and in Europe two hit number one: you are the best lover and Trojan horses. Luv's success began in 1978 and as mentioned earlier, in 1979. A career in solitary confinement has two members of pop Act in their country of origin: Patty as Joseph as a singer and television personality. José Hoebee, born on March 29, 1954, at best. He began his career as a semi-professional singer in the 1970s as a member of a gang of young folk and country tradition, with her two sisters. This formation participated in the talent contest, has changed its name into Elongi and recorded a single produced by Piet Souer, suggested to José de Luv '. Vagina of Marga, born February 15, forever yours album 1954 in Amsterdam. He has participated in many beauty pageants and appeared on the covers of various artists compilations beat. Patty Brard, from Sorong, Papua New Guinea for the first time as a Secretary in the Office of Hans van Hemert was born March 25, 1955, who offered him a career in the entertainment industry. Until 2008, has a busy calendar. Performed frequently on television and were reserved for live performances (in discos, private parties, celebrations and business events). In recent years, the concerts were sporadic, was mainly due to the fact that Patty Brard occupied a television personality. Luv ' is one that has been only a few groups of disco and dance on stage with the original line-up (unlike Boney m. and the inhabitants of town). .